The technology challenges facing an enterprise today are unique to its business and marketplace. GoWork believes detailed knowledge of a client’s industry and core business processes should serve as the genesis of a technology solution, not as an afterthought.

We have the expertise to customize our technology solutions to meet organization’s unique technology needs. Our legacy of successfully delivering technology solutions has earned us a reputation among the industries Our expertise cover the financial services, banking, retailing, manufacturing and technology to name a few


The industry solutions are created based on the expertise and proven technology platform. Our aim is to create value and increase in productivity at optimal cost.
Our solutions help and will continue to help customers to:

  • Reduce costs, optimize resources and accelerate time to market.
  • Effective use and implementation of enterprise application for integrated supply chain planning and customer order fulfilment processes and realizing the benefits of e-commerce
  • Meeting rising consumer expectations, understanding and increasing customer.
  • Providing innovative approaches to distributing and delivering products and services.

We have People and Project experience in the following industries:

  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  • Technology ( ISV’s)

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Retail banking and net banking solutions, allows clients to address challenges that they face in the market today. GoWork retail enables to transform IT environment by optimizing the client’s resources, preserving the capital, and enhancing the company’s operational efficiency.

Our solutions combine depth of functionality with openness and flexibility. As a result, customers benefit from the ability to offer fully featured services, significantly improved time-to-market and reduced risk.


  • Transform back-office operations in order to allow a swifter, cost-effective
  • Streamline processes and costs in improving efficiency.
  • Reduce operational risk across the enterprise while ensuring compliance to new regulation.
  • Increase the value of each customer relationship.

Technology Vendors

The Independent Software vendor market has never been so vibrant with some of the new cloud based products making deep inroads into the market. GoWork is a right sized partner for any small to mid- sized ISV that needs to bring new products to the market and stay competitive. Our offerings to the ISV segment is as follows:

By using the GoWork Solutions team for technology needs, clients will receive top-notch attention from our detail-oriented staff. We will be with clients for advice and information throughout the planning, design, and implementation phases. Our developers can help to create better IT systems that will help to increase operational efficiency and allow the client to focus on improving customer relationships.

Product Testing

We can set up a dedicated COE of test consultants who understand the functionalities of the product and can focus on defect prevention by working closely with the development teams hence assure faster deployments

System Integration

Every product deployment would require integration with the customer in house applications as well as third party tools. Such integrations require deep experience in understanding the implications of such integrations. GoWork with its team of experts can augment the vendor technical team and support a smooth deployment of the product.

Professional Services

GoWork is open for a partnership to create a global team of experts that understand the technical and functional details of the vendor’s products. This team can not only support in pre-sales process but can also travel to customer locations for implementations.

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